Ages for exoplanet host stars

Jørgen Christensen-Dalsgaard, Victor Silva Aguirre

Ages for exoplanet host stars
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To appear in “Handbook of Exoplanets”, eds. Deeg, H.J. & Belmonte, J.A, Springer (2018)



Age is an important characteristic of a planetary system, but also one that is difficult to determine. Assuming that the host star and the planets are formed at the same time, the challenge is to determine the stellar age. Asteroseismology provides precise age determination, but in many cases the required detailed pulsation observations are not available. Here we concentrate on other techniques, which may have broader applicability but also serious limitations. Further development of this area requires improvements in our understanding of the evolution of stars and their age-dependent characteristics, combined with observations that allow reliable calibration of the various techniques.

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